Tethys 3 represents the latest evolution in the Tethys’s management of detection, classification, and localization information. Tethys 3 offers improvements in speed and accessibility. Currently, Tethys 3 is in beta testing. Due to major upgrades the in the underlying database, conversion steps need to be taken in order to migrate from Tethys 2 to Tethys 3.

New functionality in Tethys 3:

  • Data explorer – A web-browser based tool for interactively exploring your data.
  • Revised Matlab client – The Matlab client takes advantage of Matlab’s table and datetime data types to return information in an easier to read format.
  • Schema changes that move in the direction of things proposed by our ANSI standards committee.
  • A technology update
    • Major updates to the server which has been transitioned from Python 2 to 3
    • Significant work on improving the descriptiveness of error messages.
    • A new architecture for generating database queries that increases performance.
    • An update of the underlying database engine (Oracle’s Berkeley dbXML) that provides hihg-performance indices to further increase speed.

We are still developing Tethys 3 with a planned release towards the end of 2022 or early 2023, but it is currently in beta test at several sites.

Tethys 3 resources: