Tethys uses freely available software and may be installed and modified freely. Our server component relies on Microsoft ODBC technology for reading data from spreadsheets and databases and currently relies on the Windows operating system. In principal, this is portable to Linux and MacOS, but to date there has not been community demand for running the server on non-Windows operating systems. Tethys client software can be run on other platforms, but may require compilation of libraries in some cases.

Windows Installation

What should I download?

Starting with Tethys version 3, software is provided as in-place executables and does not require execution of an installer program. This change was made to permit the use of Tethys without administrative privileges. Any version of Tethys may be downloaded from here, and consists of a Zip archive that contains the version number.

Current versions of Tethys: Unzip the archive to the folder where you wish to manage Tethys. That’s it, everything is installed. If the Tethys server and the machine from which you will be using Tethys are not the same, you do not need all of the subdirectories. The Documentation directory contains a “read me first” file that will get you started using Tethys.

Tethys 2.5 and earlier: Unzip the archive to a temporary folder, then execute the installer.


As of version 2.3, Tethys requires a 64 bit Windows operating system. If you wish to add data to Tethys using ODBC technology which will allow imports from Microsoft Office documents (e.g. Excel, Access) or other databases, the machine running the server code must either have Microsoft Office installed or a freely available driver from Microsoft (details are in the Tethys manual). If a 32 bit version of Office is installed, the 64 bit server will not work and vice-versa. As Microsoft does not currently permit 32 and 64 bit Office drivers to be installed on the same machine, it is important that these match. Determining which architecture of Office is installed depends on the version of Office. For Office 2010, open an Office program (e.g. Word), then select File > Help, then look for About Microsoft Word (or other program). Next to the version line will be an indication of whether or not the program is 32 bit. Note that the clients and servers can work with one another even if the architecture versions do not match.

Firewall rules

Tethys runs RESTful web services on port 9779 (default, can be changed) and clients must be allowed to connect. Ephemeris service (e.g. sunrise/sunset) requires the server to be able to open outgoing connections on port 6775. Standard outgoing web ports must be enabled to access other environmental data.

Importing data

Note that to import data, you will need an appropriate open database connectivity (ODBC) connector. Details can be found in the user manual. Some common connectors that people might need:

  • Microsoft’s Access Database Engine (ACE) for Access and Excel documents if Microsoft Office is not installed. Note that Microsoft does not allow mixing of 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office. For the recommended 64 bit version of the server, 64 bit Office is required.
  • MySQL relational database ODBC
  • PostgreSQL relational database ODBC
  • Oracle relational database ODBC

Tethys has been tested with the Microsoft ACE 2010 and MySQL drivers.