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When Tethys is installed, documentation can be found in the docs folder contained in the folder where Tethys was installed (typically either C:\Program Files\Tethys or C:\Program Files (x86)\Tethys).  Documentation can also be downloaded here:

  • User manual – Large manual with details on installing, administering, and using Tethys.
  • Matlab cookbook – Quick and dirty recipes to get the reader started using Tethys using the Matlab client.
  • Schema – XML schema that specify the data layout for Tethys.
    This document specifies how data are structured and are only necessary for users who wish to design their own data import schemes or write sophisticated XQuery/XPath database queries that go beyond the queries that are provided in the language-specific clients.  The document is automatically generated from the schema files that are distributed with Tethys.
    It is assumed that the reader has some familiarity with XML Schema.  An introduction to understanding schema is available in the Tethys user manual.  For deeper understanding of XQuery, XPath, and XML Schema, we suggest consulting the following texts:

    • for XML Schema:  Walmsley, P. (2002). Definitive XML Schema. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR.
    • for XQuery and XPath:  Walmsley, P. (2006). XQuery. Farnham, UK: O’Reilly.
  • Nilus support for detectors  – Instructions for how to modify your own detectors and classifiers to use the Nilus library to generate detection documents suitable for inclusion into Tethys.  Javadocs generated from Nilus source code are also available.
  • Encrypted data transmission – Tethys can serve data over secure socket layer, a data transport method commonly used in web commerce such as banking.  Using Tethys requires obtaining a certificate and public/private key pair, this document explains how to configure Tethys to use certificate based authentication and encryption.